Outdoor Gardening in February? You Betcha.


It’s early February: time to start planting garden seeds!
That’s right, no need to wait until Memorial Day to get started gardening. But forget the grow lights, heat mats and inevitable disappointment when your indoor seedlings get leggy or damp off. It’s outdoor sowing season.
Garden educator Stephanie Hankerson, a Midway resident, has taught hundreds of folks the secret of winter sowing outdoors.
“It’s basically just making mini-greenhouses out of old milk jugs or other plastic containers,” she says. “A milk carton greenhouse can go outside, right now. It’s exciting! Kids love seeing seedlings growing in the snow.”
The process is simple: cut a plastic milk jug almost in half, fill with a couple inches of potting soil and seeds; water well and set outside. At first, the soil will freeze, but no worries. As the spring sunshine warms the container, the seeds will sprout and grow. Moisture will come from melting snow and rain. SEE DIRECTIONS AT RIGHT.
Intrigued? Want more winter sowing tips? Check Steph’s blog stephaniehankerson.com/blog/wintersowingmethod or sign up for a free class sponsored by UMN Extension Service, Feb. 22 from 7 to 8:30 p.m. Register at umn.zoom.us/webinar.
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