New Vehicle Debuts at the LA Auto Show

(BPT) - The LA Auto Show is underway through November 26. More than a thousand vehicles are on display at the LA Convention Center, highlighting advancements to technology and safety. But it’s …
5 tips to breeze through holiday travel
(BPT) - Holidays bring loads of obstacles, from finding the right gift to cooking intricate meals and, perhaps most stressfully, holiday travel. Holiday travel is a necessary expense for over 130 …
How Michigan is leading the charge for growth in electric vehicle use
(BPT) - The U.S. has a plan to ensure that by 2030, half of new vehicles sold will be zero-emission electric vehicles (EVs). While progress has been made, a recent survey from the Michigan Economic …
4 questions to ask before going electric
(BPT) - The “electric vehicle (EV) boom” is upon us. Americans purchased nearly 300,000 EVs in the second quarter of this year, over 48% more than in 2022. To drive the trend even …

10 tech innovations that have improved driving safety since 2000

Westfield compiled a list of 10 tech innovations since 2000 that have helped make cars and roads safer.
You’re in the Driver’s Seat: Tips for Healthy Sleep and to Prevent Drowsy Driving
(BPT) - We all find ourselves sometimes staying up late on a school or work night, leaving us feeling tired behind the wheel the next morning if we didn’t get enough good sleep. But do we ever …
How to pick the right tires for your SUV
(BPT) - Sport utility vehicles (SUVs) are now the dominant vehicles on U.S. roads, making up more than half of new car sales for three years running, according to J.D. Power. The SUV segment has …
Electric Vehicles Are Perfect for Fall Road Trips
(BPT) - Gearing up for a weekend getaway this fall? The leaves are turning, and the air is feeling a little more crisp. It’s the perfect time for a road trip. Grab the bags and supplies and get …

Which states' residents drive the most per capita? used data from the Federal Highway Administration and the Census Bureau to find out which state's residents do the most driving per capita.

Common conditions that can affect driver safety analyzed historical data on traffic fatalities to illustrate conditions contributing to more deaths on the road.

Not just electric: States with the most cars that use more than just gasoline

Using data from the Alternative Fuels Data Center, The General broke down the number of cars across the U.S. powered by gasoline substitutes.  

10 destinations across the US for car enthusiasts to add to their bucket list

CoPilot scoured news articles, tourism sites, social media platforms and the web to compile this list of travel destinations for people who love cars.

Experience Epic First Motorcycle Rides at Vegas Motorsports Festival

(NewsUSA) - Are you curious about motorcycles but have never had a chance to ride? Those interested can enjoy a unique opportunity in Las Vegas on November 3 starting at noon at SEMA Fest. For the …

Two Women Offer a Behind-the-Scenes Look at the Nearly 1,600 Mile Race Across the California and Nevada Deserts

(BPT) - The 8th annual Rebelle Rally — an all-women, off-road navigational challenge — will take participants on a course through the deserts of the American Southwest from October 12-21. …

Purchasing your first car? Here are 5 tips for first-time car buyers

(BPT) - If you ask anyone you know about purchasing their first car, chances are they’ll be able to recount every detail (good or bad) about the car and the process of how they got those keys …

China Challenges the World in Electric Vehicle Arena

(NewsUSA) - Electricity was in the air at China’s signature annual auto show in Shanghai, according to experts at the Special Competitive Studies Project (SCSP), a bipartisan nonprofit …
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States with the highest concentration of bridges identified the states with the most bridges per 100 miles of public road, using data from the Bureau of Transportation Statistics.
Falling In Love With Automotive Window Film
(NewsUSA) - Fall offers a perfect opportunity to have window film installed on a vehicle's side and rear windows. As more people learn about the many benefits of window film for their health, …
These used car brands saw the biggest drop in value since the pandemic's peak
CoPilot analyzed used car data from U.S. dealerships to rank the used vehicle models that have come down in price the most since the pandemic's peak.
2021 was a record year for hit-and-runs—here's what to do if you're a victim
The General used data from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration to compare how rates of hit and runs in 2021 compare to previous years.
How one company is helping meet the growing demand for electric vehicle charging
(BPT) - If you own an electric vehicle (EV) or are seriously considering buying one in the near future, you're not alone. Thanks in part to the wider availability of vehicles and various tax credits, …
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State laws are putting AI in the driver's seat

Are you riding alongside driverless vehicles in your state? analyzed legislation across the U.S. to make sense of the range of laws.

What are the 6 types of driving automation? compiled info from engineering organization SAE International to break down the complexities of autonomous vehicle technology.  

Americans still love buying trucks, even as gas prices rise

Gas prices are staying stubbornly high compared to pre-pandemic prices. Insurify examined vehicle sales data to see how Americans are responding.