Get to know the candidates

Plan ahead

Key election dates 2022

• Candidate filing:
May 17-May 31, 2021
• Absentee voting:
June 24-Aug. 1 for primary
Sept. 23-Nov. 7 for general election
All voters can vote early in Minnesota. You do not need to provide a reason to vote by mail. You can request your ballot for 2022 elections. For the primary, you can drop your ballots off at the two locations also offering in-person absentee voting: the Plato Building or Ramsey County Library-Roseville. On election day, you may return your ballot to Ramsey County Elections Office by 3 p.m.
- Ramsey County voters may visit any location regardless of home address.
- All ballots should be returned inside the building where an election judge will verify the voter information is complete before it is retained in county custody.
- Do not place your ballot in any document drop boxes or payment boxes at ballot return locations - it will not be counted.
• Pre-registration deadline for general election:
Tuesday, October 18, 2022. 
Registration deadline is 5 p.m. if registering by paper and 11:59 p.m. if registering online. If you miss this deadline, you can still register on Election Day or through the mail voting process.

• Election Day:
Tuesday, Nov. 8, 2022
Polls open from 7 a.m. to 8 p.m.

Offices on the ballot

Who is on the ballot in St. Paul in 2022?

• Ramsey County Commissioner District 3: Trista MatasCastillo, David A. Singleton
• Ramsey County Commissioner District 4: Barbara Bolar, George H. Jackson Sr., Rena Moran, Darryl Spence
• County Sheriff: Bob Fletcher
• County Attorney: John J Choi
• Senate District 64:
Robert Bushard, R
Erin Murphy, DFL
• Senate District 65:
Paul Holmgren, R
Zuki Ellis, DFL
Sheigh Freeberg, DFL
Sandy Pappas, DFL
• Senate District 66
Jeremy J. Peichel, Libertarian
Mikki M Murray, R
Clare Oumou Verbeten
• House District 64A
Dan Walsh, R
Kaohly Vang Her, DFL
• House District 64B
Lorraine Englund, R
Dave Pinto, DFL
• House District 65A
John Schonebaum, R
Samakab Hussein, DFL
Miki Frost, Legal Marijuana Now
• House District 65B
Kevin Fjelsted, R
Anna Botz, DFL
Maria Isa Pérez-Hedges, DFL
• House District 66A
Trace Johnson, R
Leigh Finke, DFL
Dave Thomas, DFL
• House District 66B
Jay Hill, R
Athena Hollins, DFL
• Congressional District 4: Betty McCollum (incumbant), Amane Badhasso and Fasil Moghul are DFL candidates; May Lor Xiong, Gene Rechtzigel, and Jerry Silver are the Republican candidates

Other  races:
• Governor/Lt. Governor (Primary for DFL and Republican candidates)
• Attorney General (Primary for DFL and Republican candidates)
• Secretary of State (Primary for DFL and Republican candidates)
• Auditor

*Note: Ward 1 Council Member Dai Thao has announced his resignation as of Aug. 1, and a new council member will be appointed by the council for the remainder of his term through December 2023.

What's it about?

Local government

Did you know? Local government bodies make decisions on a lot of things we may encounter each day. There are local government offices at the county level, city level and school board. Voters will vote on representatives for their district, city or ward based on where they live. Here are a few of the decisions local government bodies make that affect all Minnesotans:  

  • County budget.
  • Roads maintenance.
  • Health and human services.
  • Public health.
  • Libraries.
  • Parks and nature preserves.
  • Recycling and refuse.
  • Elections and voting.
  • Veteran services.
  • Human services. 
  • Justice system.
  • Law enforcement.
  • Infrastructure.


League of Women Voters St. Paul

A non-partisan political organization that encourages informed and active participation in all levels of government, works to increase understanding of major policy issues, and influences public policy through education and advocacy.

Just what is happening this election season? What do these elected officials even do? What are their job descriptions? Get informed at their site:

Vote 411

VOTE411 is committed to ensuring voters have the information they need to successfully participate in every election. Whether it's local, state or federal, every election is important to ensuring our laws and policies reflect the values and beliefs of our communities. More at

St. Paul voting info

Get information on the city of St. Paul election at the Ramsey County voting site. Find election maps, polling locations, information on how to register to vote, details on ranked choice voting, how to file for office, and more. Go to:

Secretary of State

View sample ballots and get election results on the Minnesota Secretary of State web site. You can also sign up to be an election judge, learn about other ways to vote, and register to vote here. Information is available in multiple language, including Somali, Hmong, Spanish, Vietnamese, Russian, Chinese, Lao, Oromo, Khamer and Amharic. More here:

Get involved

Be an election judge

Serve the community and promote the democratic process.

Election judges staff local polling places for the primary and general election as well as during early voting. You can earn money, meet your neighbors and help ensure that elections are administered in a fair manner. Judges must be 18 years old or older. There are positions for student election judges who are 16 andd 17 years old.

Learn more here.

Mn Senate 64

Mn Senate 65

Mn Senate 66

Ramsey County Districts

MN Legislative Districts - St. Paul

US Congressional District 4


Ranked Choice Voting

Ranked voting allows voters to rank multiple candidates for the same office in order of preference.

Winning the election: A candidate wins the election by getting an absolute majority of first-choice votes – 50% plus one. If no candidate receives a majority of first-choice votes on Election Day, a reallocation to determine a winner is anticipated to begin on Friday, November 5.

Reminder about school board: The Saint Paul School Board race, located on the other side of the ballot, does not use the ranked voting method. School board members will be elected using the traditional voting method.

Instructions: Pick your first choice by completely filling in the box next to that candidate’s name. If you have a second choice, fill in the box next to that candidate. Continue this process to pick your remaining choices, if you have any. Note: marking a candidate means that you would like them to receive your vote; there is a chance that any candidate you mark will have that vote counted toward their total. To learn more about the legal process for counting votes in the ranked voting method, visit the Ramsey County election results page for information on ranked voting reallocation.