Cash Money Ryders Motorcycle Club rides together and seeks to solve community problems together


Every Thursday morning, things are hopping in front of 609 Dale Street North. Members of the Cash Money Ryders Motorcycle Club unload three semi-trucks full of groceries donated by Godtown and Hyvee, Inc. The Sanneh Foundation has also recently made significant donations to the weekly program.
Members of the Cash Money Ryders organize piles of food on the sidewalk in front of their club headquarters, and on down the street. The free food is given away starting at 1 p.m. People from the Frogtown neighborhood and beyond are welcome to come and choose food items from the sidewalk grocery aisles. Bags and boxes are provided to take items home.

Weekly food giveaways
Club member Mr. Carter, said, “The trucks bring enough food to feed 500 plus people every week, and we run out fast. The number of people coming has been growing every month – and the food only lasts until it’s gone. It doesn’t matter to us where people come from, but most probably come from right around here.
“We hope everyone’s happy with the food they get, and that they don’t take more than they need. We’re giving a big shout out to Pastor John Tolo of Godtown, HyVee Inc., and the Sanneh Foundation for donating all of this food to our community every week. The food choices we have to offer will keep expanding as we continue to grow.”

Motorcycle club with a mission
Cash Money Ryders MC is a social club in Frogtown for motorcycle riders. According to Mr. Carter, “The club has been around for nine years, and has about 60 active members. There is a ladies club by the same name, but they operate independently. Our guys are all licensed motorcyclists with up-to-date endorsements, and we don’t cut any corners when it comes to motorcycle riding safety.
“Many of the club members own their own businesses. We’ve got every walk of life in our club. I sell cars and motorcycles; I’m working on financing our own refrigerated truck for the food giveaways.
“Our president and founder, Robert ‘Semi’ Johnson, is a kind-hearted individual. Under his leadership, our mission has grown way beyond just riding motorcycles together.”

A shared commitment
Mr. Carter continued, “Our club members are all in agreement that we have to take care of the people in our community. The weekly food giveaways are part of that, but we do other things, too.
“We will be hosting a neighborhood Halloween event for the kids this year on Saturday, Oct. 30, at our club house.”

Motorcycle club builds on trust
Mr. Carter has known most of the Cash Money Ryders for decades. He said, “I went to school and church with a lot of the club members. We basically all know one another. We had a similar upbringing, and we’ve grown into a shared sense of values.
“I know we’re helping many people in the community. At least I know we’re not hurting anybody, but people are getting hurt around us anyhow. We do what we can to help.
“The clubhouse is a place where we go to relax. The people that go there, we understand each other. We don’t create problems – we solve them together. There are 20-30 members who come out and help us with the food giveaway every week. That’s half our club members showing up to be a blessing to the community on their own time.”
Cash Money Ryders Motorcycle Club operates out of 609 Dale Street North. During the weekly food giveaways, there is limited parking on the west side of Dale St., and additional parking around the corner on Lafond Avenue. To ask a question about any of the upcoming events, email


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