Ward 4: Mitra Jalali files for second full term

Councilwoman Mitra Jalali proudly filed again to continue representing the neighborhoods of Merriam Park, Union Park, Raymond-University, Saint Anthony Park, Hamline-Midway, and parts of Como and Mac-Groveland on the Saint Paul City Council. Jalali filed with a broad coalition of support alongside a historic field of candidates. 
Over the last five years, Jalali has led efforts to develop and pass comprehensive renter protections, including rent stabilization; championed and supported the creation of thousands of new homes across the city at all income levels; led the work to create an expanded public safety system with a range of trained emergency responders and more funding for community intervention programs; secured millions in public and private funds to help businesses in neighborhoods experiencing commercial displacement; and fought for sustainable city policies and practices that take on the climate crisis.
In 2018, Jalali’s election brought a salvo of “firsts” for the council, as its then-youngest member, only renter, only woman of color, first Asian-American woman in Council history and only out LGBTQ elected. Five years later, as she files for office, she is joined by the most diverse and progressive field of council candidates in city history – like social entrepreneur and organizer Anika Bowie (Ward 1), civil engineer and district council leader Saura Jost (Ward 3), non-profit executive director and former policy aide HwaJeong Kim (Ward 5), organizer and current Councilmember Nelsie Yang (Ward 6). 
“I’m running for re-election to the Saint Paul City Council because our work isn’t finished, and together, we’re leading Saint Paul forward,” Jalali said. “I am so proud to file alongside passionate, motivated and experienced leaders from the East Side to Highland Park. This November, we have the chance to elect leaders who truly reflect our city and bring our community’s agenda to the council table.”
Even more importantly, these campaigns are united around a community policy vision of taking urgently needed city action on climate change, championing and expanding affordable housing, restoring strong rent stabilization, fully funding long-overdue investments in core city services and neighborhood institutions like streets, parks, libraries and rec centers, and taking a more holistic approach to public safety. More at mitrajalali.com.


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