Lewandowski is the new community organizer for Hamline Midway Coalition.


Lewandowski: My wife and I moved to the neighborhood in the summer of 2020 and we fell in love with the area despite the initial challenges the pandemic created in building community. We had our first child, Sullivan, who is about to turn one this June, and we love how close we are to so many local parks and community events. Besides my background in policy and issue organizing, my heart beats for live music and the arts, as well as supporting local organizations and events that provide community mutual aid for individuals and families in need. I think the arts play a crucial role in connecting us to the causes and issues that are important to us, and am eager to bring that passion into my new role with HMC.

What drew you to the Hamline Midway Coalition?
As a new parent living in the neighborhood, I was drawn to Hamline Midway Coalition’s commitment to resident led, community-focused initiatives. Being able to work with my neighbors to create a thriving, equitable community I want my child to grow up in aligns perfectly with my personal interests around housing, transportation, development and, overall, building relationships with folks who call this area home.

What do you bring to the position?
I have been a policy and community organizer over the last 10 years here in Minnesota and across the country. I bring a deep commitment to creating pathways for folks to participate in public policy in ways that are meaningful and accessible to them, as well working to build energy, excitement, and campaigns around local issues.

What excites you about your work with HMC?

For me, the value of HMC to the neighborhood is having a local vehicle for everyday neighbors to steer in shaping the neighborhood’s future. I believe that participation in public policy at the municipal and county level requires us to create meaningful and accessible avenues for participation, and I believe HMC can play a big role in connecting people to pathways for them to feel seen, heard, and be local leaders.

But the value of HMC doesn’t stop there. It’s also about bridging connections, linking neighbors to local resources and championing resident-led initiatives that get right to the grassroots. It’s this bottom-up change that can truly transform a community.

As a resident, these are things that I value, and I’m excited to be a part of the Hamline Midway Coalition’s goal of making our area not just a place to live, but a thriving community to be a part of.


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