Lyngblomsten wins Rose Dobrof Award


Lyngblomsten wins Rose Dobrof Award for excellence in dementia services

Lyngblomsten Community Services, 1415 Almond Ave., which provides programming for older adults through life enrichment centers called 2nd Half with Lyngblomsten, received a $10,000 award last week in recognition of its outstanding programs and services for those living in the community with dementia.

Photo left: Lyngblomsten’s Community Dementia Care Specialist Carolyn Klaver (left) and Director of Community Services Julie Pfab beam with pride as they hold the 2017 Rose Dobrof Award.  (Photo submitted)

The Brookdale Foundation Group presented the national Rose Dobrof Award on Oct. 20 to Lyngblomsten staff members attending the Brookdale National Group Respite Conference in Denver.

“This award recognizes what can happen when a group of dedicated people and organizations come together with a shared vision and spirit to make a difference,” Lyngblomsten Director of Community Services Julie Pfab said.

For the past 17 years, Lyngblomsten has served the Twin Cities community through The Gathering, a weekly program that provides brain-stimulating activities for those with memory loss and gives a day of respite to their caregivers, who also receive support and resources from the program.

“We believe we’re helping people with dementia and their caregivers in a big way by supporting from many different angles and trying to reach as many people as we can,” Lyngblomsten Community Dementia Care Specialist Carolyn Klaver, R.N., said.

Since its inception, The Gathering has touched the lives of hundreds of participants, who sing, create art, exercise, hear guest speakers and more as part of their brain-stimulating program experience. Each participant is partnered with a volunteer specially trained to understand the distinctive needs of people living with memory loss. The Gathering relies on a dedicated base of 250 volunteers who provide approximately 20,000 hours of service annually. While their loved one is attending The Gathering, the participant’s caregiver has five hours of respite—a break from caregiving duties.

The Gathering program is offered through 2nd Half with Lyngblomsten in collaborative partnership with more than 20 churches throughout the Saint Paul area, six of which provide the facilities and host The Gathering. 2nd Half with Lyngblomsten is a life enrichment center that takes an integrative approach to supporting adults aging well in their communities. Offerings include education and the arts; social activities and outings; health, wellness, and spirituality; service opportunities; and resources and supportive services.

“A word that comes to mind in the wake of this award is gratitude,” Pfab said. “The Gathering is a unique community program that relies on many for its success. I am grateful for all who are involved with The Gathering—participants, family caregivers, volunteers, staff, churches, community partners, the Lyngblomsten Foundation. I am grateful for the terrific team from Lyngblomsten that makes this happen.”

The $10,000 accompanying the Rose Dobrof Award will contribute to the Lyngblomsten Foundation’s fundraising efforts to provide ongoing financial support for the continued offering of dignified, enriching programming through The Gathering.

Lyngblomsten was chosen as the award winner by a vote of members of the Brookdale National Group Respite Program Network. The network is facilitated by the Brookdale Foundation Group, which works to advance the fields of geriatrics and gerontology and to improve the lives of older adults.

“We haven’t been working for national success. We have been working for success that’s one participant, one activity, one morning, one Gathering day at a time,” Klaver said. “The award is recognition that we are hitting the mark and making a difference.”

The Rose Dobrof Award is given in memory of Dr. Rose Dobrof, a nationally recognized expert in the field of aging. Dobrof was instrumental in the development of the pilot program that became the Brookdale National Group Respite Program.


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