Peace bubbles

I wish you hopeful, healing and prosperous shining 2021


Season greetings, Monitor readers,
This has been the most strangest, weirdest, and craziest Leap Year I have experienced since 1984; instead of having national leadership in deep denial of HIV/AIDS, we currently have national leadership deep in non-accountability of COVID-19; instead of the Rainbow Coalition, we have Black Lives Matter; and instead of voting to keep the same status quo, this Leap Year we chose a different path forward and not voting to stay in denial or not being accountable to all people regardless of being blue, red, purple, or another color or culture. Thank you to all first time voters and to our young and older courageous Social Justice Champions!
Today, I send us all a cheerful holiday message and good tidings of Hope, Wellness, Joy, Compassion, Abundance, Healing, and Gratefulness. I end this unbelievable year with Hope that All Will Be Well going into 2021. My hope is not pretending that everything thing is okay Behold Underlying Truth, believing that talking, working, playing, and dancing together (all colors and cultures) things and our way of being will be well. Yes, we still have months and months of challenging times ahead; however, every day we are learning more and connecting dots. For instance, more and more people are calculating COVID-19 and the I Can’t Breathe killing of George Floyd to understanding and acknowledging the link of climate change and Black Lives Matters to the negative historic impacts of remaining silent, following rules to receive benefits and privileges and allowing injustice to happen to First Nation, Black, Brown and Mixed People and to our environment.
Mother Earth and her children cannot breathe because of an outdated and out-of-control toxic system of man-isms and we are dying and have been senselessly dying for generations. Please, let us take some time during this season of light to breathe, ponder, and start/continue unpacking our outdated mental files and fear-based beliefs and act and behave as appreciative adult children to our green planet and all creatures, great and small.
We can start locally with supporting and standing with Red Lake and White Earth Nations’ common sense, rational, and wise demand to stop violating and destroying their and our nurturing sacred living space we call Earth/Minnesota! Pipeline workers can transition into clean and green Earth-workers. Let’s learn the lessons of the past and stop breaking treaties and spreading diseases, in order to master the land and People of All Colors.
In short, in America/Minnesota when we start honoring, listening, and respecting indigenous wisdom and practices we will begin to eradicate man-made diseases and restore a healthiness that was before the arrival of the Mayflower.
Part of denial or keeping a dysfunctional status quo in place is saying “don’t get political.” This is not about politics; it’s about living in a healthy, fair, and regenerative manner. We are the vaccination for COVID and we are the immunization for a better, just, healthy, and peaceful world. Our biggest challenge is ourselves.
I have hope that we can and will overcome our challenges and obstacles by working, struggling, and celebrating together.
On behalf of all the great people and organizations I have the pleasure of daily struggling, working, playing, singing, dancing, and planning with, in particularly, the Community Peace Builders (formerly the Peaceful Love Warriors), the Urban Farm & Garden Alliance (UFGA), Bethel University FSU Community Partnership, the Dispute Resolution Center (DRC), the UMN Place-Based Approach (PBA) Team, the Art of Food In Frogtown and Rondo, and my faith-based and community allies, I wish the Monitor’s readership a blessed and compassionate ending of 2020 and a hopeful, healing, and prosperous shining 2021.
Be safe, be well, and be at peace. All is well and all shall be well. 

May Peace Prevail Be In Rondo, Frogtown, & Hamline/Midway Communities
May Peace Be In Our Homes & Communities
May Peace Prevail On Earth (MPPOE)


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