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What is the Right Thing to do?


“…sometimes doing what’s right feels wrong…” ~Stephen Colbert

“Your attitude will shape the eventual outcome of all transitions.” ~ Dr. Darlene Fry

Hello Monitor readers,
Happy September as we enter that magical time of the year of transitioning from green and bright summer days to colorful and shorter fall days. The wide-world of sports crosses paths and competes with new and returning tv series and, of course, a new school year begins. This year’s seasonal transition also brings sobering and reflective memories, milestones, and hopes for better days and collective courage and empathy to Do the Right Thing!
So, what is the Right Thing to Do, particularly, in light of 9/11, ending a 20-year war, the devastating Hurricane Ida, the re-assault of COVID, the fear to talk about and/or act on institutional/structural racism, and with men continuing to mandate laws for women?
We each have our own sense of the Right Thing, which we have learned from our parents, siblings, friends, schools, faith-based institutions, Hollywood, independent and social media outlets, and our country and community leaders and mentors and other influencers. For instance, my family was taught and raised to do justice, to love kindness, and to walk humbly with our God. This teaching and learning also came with the acknowledgment of challenges and difficulties; however, insights and wisdom was also shared, in order to Do the Right Thing!
What were you taught – do you remember?
Are you still being taught and what are you teaching or passing on?

ComMUSICation moves
to Frogtown
This month I asked an organization that recently located in Frogtown for an introduction/press release of who they are. Although I’m familiar with them, I want you to know about this excellent resource and asset for the Midway and beyond communities.
ComMUSICation is excited to announce our 2021-22 school year programs. Starting on Sept. 21, we will offer our flagship program Performance Choir for youth in grades fourth through ninth on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays from 4 to 5:30 p.m. and our Crescendo program for youth in grades first through third on Thursdays from 3 to 3:45 p.m. Programs will take place in person at our new location, St. Paul Fellowship Church in Frogtown. Youth will have the ability to attend programs virtually as well. Register at
ComMUSICation Executive Director Georgina Chinchilla Gonzalez shared: “We are excited to have found a great space to rebuild and grow our afterschool programs in the Frogtown neighborhood, which we were founded to serve eight years ago. Our focus continues to be offering accessible, high-quality music programs to young people in this next stage of our work.
ComMUSICation’s (CMC) mission is to amplify young people’s voices and cultivate skills for success through equitable access to music, collaboration, and opportunity. Founded in 2013, ComMUSICation teaches skills for success through music-making to youth from Saint Paul’s Frogtown, East Side and North End neighborhoods. Our high-quality and intensive music programs are built on the belief that every young person, regardless of background, deserves the opportunity to be in a safe and caring environment where they are free to express themselves, can define their future, and change the world.
Georgina Chinchilla Gonzalez, 868 Sherburne Ave., St. Paul, MN 55104. Phone: 612-360-1502, email

Renewing the Countryside
I also asked my new work colleagues to share a little something about what our team of three does; thank you, Nora and Ramona for sharing the following information:
Fall is upon us, and with that comes back to school and lots of reading. Did you know September is Black Reading Month? Seems like a great opportunity to read some great books by Black authors. One favorite through our work with both the Urban Farm and Garden Alliance (UFGA) and Renewing the Countryside (RTC) is Jayden’s “Impossible Garden” by Melina Mangal.
Our work with Renewing the Countryside primarily focuses on supporting early care providers in implementing farm to early care, which consists of three main areas: purchasing local food, gardening, and nutrition education. Renewing the Countryside has a mission of connecting local farmers with local eaters, to promote sustainability and shared understanding. We have recently teamed up with local farmers from the Hmong American Farmers Association (HAFA), to provide weekly CSA boxes to local childcare providers, which has allowed young children an opportunity to taste local vegetables and learn about how and where those vegetables were grown. To learn more about HAFA or CSAs, you can find details here:
Come by and say hello if you see us around at one of the St. Paul community gardens sharing time with neighborhood youth and families or at local events sharing information about how to involve children, youth and families in learning about growing and eating farm/garden fresh fruits and veggies.
Also, next month, October is Farm to School Month, a chance to celebrate local farmers, support purchasing local food in schools and communities, and crunch a local apple if you can! More details available here: Join us in crunching an apple in October, or learn more about the organization and find resources on our website:
Keep the positive vibrations flowing and stay optimistic!!!!
May Peace Be In the Rondo, Frogtown, Hamline/Midway, Como, & Surrounding Communities...
May Peace Be In Our Homes & Communities…
May Peace Prevail On Earth MPPOE)!!!!
BE SMART! DO YOUR PART! Get Your Vaccination Shots!!!


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