Building a stronger Midway

Using the annual directory as a guide


With the April issue of the Monitor, many of you will also receive the annual Midway Chamber directory. At a minimum, I hope you will at least look through it to see what we want to emphasize from this past year. But what I really hope is you use it to discover new places and keep handy to easily look up information.
Years before I started working at the Midway Chamber, I remember getting a copy delivered to my house. This was back in the days when phone books were still a thing and I kept it next to them, above the fridge. When looking for a new restaurant I knew would be local, I would grab it before looking at the Yellow Pages. An added bonus – if a business is either listed in the directory or advertising in it, it means they are supporting the local community.
Every year I write an introductory article explaining some highlights of the year and the state of the neighborhood at the time. In past years, this has meant writing about the outpouring of support after civil unrest, the rebuilding of the damaged properties, and the continual changes we see to the Midway (transit lines, Allianz Field, and many more).
As the Midway Chamber had not created a strategic plan since 2019, we were due. So, this year for the article I wrote about the themes and thought process that went into our new plan. Like all organizations, it’s good for the Chamber to step back and think about how we are serving others and our mission. We are going to be a better and more focused organization because of the work, and we thank Mighty Consulting for keeping us on task through the process.
The directory also is filled with photos from the past year, with many from our events and ribbon cuttings. It may be cliché to be a Chamber of Commerce and talk up the business openings, but they truly are a sign of those who are excited to put down roots in our neighborhood and help build community. When businesses are owned locally, the money stays here. Many of these small businesses, which can include franchisees, show support by donating to nonprofits, youth activities, and fundraisers. Others can open their space to nonprofit events too. If you want to see our small businesses succeed, please shop local.
As the year unfolds, photos will be taken and businesses will open which will be included in next year’s directory. I’m curious to see what the themes of this year will emerge, and look forward to sharing them with you next spring.

Download this year's directory via link at left or click here to view.


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