Set your own special days and intentions


Hello, Monitor readers,
Happy Groundhog Day, Valentine’s Day, President’s Day, Mardi Gras/Fat Tuesday, and Happy American Heart Month, Black History Month, National Bird Feeding Month, National Grapefruit Month and…. In fact, we could provide an official Happy Day greeting every day, as well as an official Happy Month greeting for every month.
Out of curiosity, I decided to do a quick Google search of official national holidays and special named days and months. At first, I was surprised with the number of ideas, causes, and values that we have learned to give recognition and honor; however, I also felt myself questioning some of the meaning of these special named months and days. For instance, I could fully understand honoring Black, Indigenous, Hispanic, Asian, Women, Pride, or medical-related named months and of naming special days and weeks, in order to provide awareness on important and meaningful topics and issues. However, instead of questioning the meaning of these special official months, weeks, and days, I decided to focus on my theme of Being Optimistic for 2021, which gave me an idea and inspiration.
The idea was to invite the Monitor readers to also conduct an internet search to discover for yourself the hundreds of national holidays and special named days, weeks and months, or perform a state or city search since we have truly evolved into a digital and online society. Hopefully, this type of activity might spark some new learning, general respect, a little humor, and maybe cultivate a wee-bit of cultural and individual humility for each other and for our great Planet Earth.
And, my inspiration was to encourage us to start creating and naming our own special days, weeks, and months. In other words, choose a day you want to honor; choose a topic you can explore for a week; choose an issue that you can become aware of for a month. I have a chosen twin who celebrates her birthday every day, I have a dear friend who honors moments of reflection and meditating weekly, and I know folx who are dedicated to reading a different book each month for the purposes of learning and understanding other cultural and ethnic groups or issues that were previously unknown to them.
The motivates their peacemakers to name, visualize, and practice the world we want to see and live in. I definitely, would like to have a National Voter’s Day Holiday during a summer month. I would also like to have a State or Local Parent Day Holiday every month. I would really enjoy every other day as Sweet Potato Pie Day. There are so many serious and meaningful or fun and joyful or mournful and grieving or forgiving and healing or compassion and kindness days that you/we can name for our special day, week, or month. I believe/hope that doing an internet search on holidays and special named days, weeks, and months will energize you into making 2021 a year of freshness and getting us back on track for bending Minnesota’s and America’s Arc of Justice forward.
This month I particularly honor the birthdays of my niece, Georgia, my nephew, Metric the second, my twin, Diane, and my garden s/heroes, Megan, Nate, Seitu, and Valentine. I also respect President’s Day and I’m grateful for the awareness of Black History Month. Although, I am looking forward to celebrating Earth Day in April, I want to start today, right now, with imploring you to please join me in “Call, Write, Text the Governor’s Day” to Honor Minnesota First Nation Peoples, in particular our Red Lake and White Earth Nations sisters and brothers. “Call, Write, Text the Governor’s Day” must be every day until the governor steps-up and stop the destructive action that Pipeline 3 will cause the Nations and to Mother Earth. This is 2021. We can find and use alternative energy for our livable needs and wants. We can also transfer outdated job skills to 21st century job skills.
As we celebrate and acknowledge Valentine’s Day and American Heart Month, let us also truly put love into our heartfelt recognitions. Let’s breathe authentic-ness into our special days, weeks, and months; this is not an act of kindness, this is an Act of Respect and Survival for our daily lives. We are interwoven and intertwined with all life. I thank the Water Protectors for reminding us that Water is Life and Pipeline 3 threatens all life. Be well and start choosing and creating each day in a bright, loving, and peaceful way.
May Peace Be In the Rondo, Frogtown, Hamline/Midway, and surrounding communities..
May Peace Be In Our Homes & Communities…
May Peace Prevail On Earth MPPOE)!!!!


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