Peace bubbles

Looking at a new year

“The truth is that which feels right and good and loving. Love doesn’t hurt. It feels really good.” Oprah
“You’re not supposed to be so blind with patriotism that you can’t face reality. Wrong is wrong no matter who does it or says it.” Malcolm X
“Liberation means you don’t have to be silenced.” Toni Morrison
Hello Monitor readers,
Welcome to magical February with the awesome extra Leap Day of Feb. 29! Happy Black History Appreciation Month!
I’ve been wondering about the word “woke.” What does it mean, in regards to our political system and the 2024 president vote? I’ve been confused about if the word is good (awakening to truth of the forming of America) or if the word “woke” is bad (promoting lies about the forming of America). We have until November (including state primaries) to choose to vote for a president who will uphold the values and principles of the desired foundation of We the People, Of the People, For the People. We know back in the early 1770s that we were a divided forming country of choosing to be a democracy or monarch rule/dictatorship. Likewise, we had to choose again in the 1800s between White supremacy rule or the desired unfolding democracy for all people. The GOP was championing democracy at that time, which ironically, the DFL affirmed and made law in the latter half of the 1900s. Now 2024, again, we have a divided country and a national presidential election along with local, county, and state voting opportunities for democracy or something different. Please, breathe and know that your/our vote is really about the world we want our kids and great and great-grand-children to inherit. 
Dr. King’s “I Have A Dream” speech always reminds and affirm that “one day little Black boys and girls will be holding hands with little White boys and girls.” And, that his children would “live in a nation where they will not be judged by the color of their skin, but by the content of their character,” which is becoming a reality every day and in particular, each voting year. Yes, it is in our Leap Years that our nation advances and stretches the Arc of Justice & Peace or pauses to uphold the outdated White supremacy fearful thinking and biased policies of being great again, which keeps Indigenous, Black, People of Color and Women in their place of disempowerment. For example, health, economical, housing, transportation, and employment inequalities and disparities. Fortunately, I believe things are changing for the better, for instance women in sports!
Let’s start the New Year of 2024 with optimism and hope of overcoming, rising, and shaking-off the drama, blaming, and bullying that divides our lawmakers and reflects on our wonderful Country. Yes, we can and yes, we will, do better, together!
A New Year’s message from Theresa (aka: Queen Tea)
“As a local astrologer, I enjoy studying the cycles of life in rhythm with astronomy. The theme I selected for 2024 is Transition and Transcendence. In times of change, our community pulls from rich cultural traditions to keep us grounded as we rise through the transition. One of my favorite traditions involves looking to the light in our hearts for guidance. Despite our varied backgrounds, I am reminded that we are unified under one sky, and that brings me joy.
“There is a total solar eclipse on April 8, 2024. Connecting with our community youth and elders to view these types of events either outside or on the NASA website is a great way to make memories. According to the Smithsonian Magazine, “Total solar eclipses are quite rare. On average, one will occur at a given location every 375 years. In the lower 48 states, the last visible total eclipse occurred in 2017, and, before that, in 1979. Your next chance to witness this phenomenon within the contiguous United States won’t be until Aug. 23, 2044.”
Whether or not you join with the community or observe the eclipse by yourself, I invite you to take some intentional time for reflection and community service. This is a great time to create a time capsule, plant a tree, and start our collective journey toward 2044.”
For more information, check out “Nine Dazzling Celestial Events to Watch in 2024” by Margaret Osborne in the online Smithsonian Magazine (Jan 2, 2024). Thank you, Queen Tea!
New year’s resolution
And, a New Year’s Resolution repeated suggestion from me from the Greening Frogtown Jan.-Feb. 2020 newspaper:
“I’d would love St. Paul to make a new Year’s resolution to decrease violence in our communities. Can you imagine the positive changes in our schools and work places?
“A New Year’s resolutions with the common focus of increasing the peace and decreasing the violence in our area would be a powerful and intentional act of kindness and compassion. You can start by just taking 15 seconds a day to repeat a peace message. For example, ‘May peace prevail on my street. May peace be in my child’s school. May there be peace in all of Frogtown and Rondo.’ Each day you can add more seconds, as well as another peace thought.
“And, here is a next step – peace actions you can take: 1) Seek peace within yourself and others. 2) Reach out in service. 3) Protect the environment. 4) Respect diversity. 5) Be a responsible citizen of the world.”
Keep the good thoughts and send compassionate energy to troubling and warfare places globally and be inspired to act locally for Mother Earth. Thank you.
May Peace Be In the Rondo, Frogtown, Hamline/Midway, Como, and Surrounding Communities... May Peace Be In Our Homes & Communities… May Peace Prevail On Earth (MPPOE)!


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