Unacceptable that SPPL ignores community input on Hamline Midway Library


Concerning the future of the Hamline Midway Library, I do not understand the purpose of surveys and public  engagement if SPPL director Catherine Penkert can simply ignore the results.

In March of 2021, as part of the Capital Improvement Budget (CIB) process, 318 people completed a survey  indicating their preference for CIB funding. Of those who responded, 69% ranked "Renovation of the Hamline  Midway Library" as their “high & very high” priority. More importantly, survey respondents overwhelmingly ranked the "Rebuild" option as “very low & low” priority among the choices for CIB funding.

But SPPL director Catherine Penkert who repeatedly spoke of community engagement and transparency, in the  end, chose her own personal preference for the future of the library building over community preference. That is

Jeffery Thole



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