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A tough message from a Jewish man

“Mistakes are a fact of life. It’s the response to the error that counts.” Nikki Giovanni
“Undoubtedly, we become what we envisage.” Claude Bristol
Hello Monitor readers,
Spring has arrived and is springing more light, more greenness, more beauty, and more good changes for 2024, even in the shadows of worldwide revengeful wars, some unethical USA lawmakers, an up-and-down economy, a few irresponsible corporations and businesses, and climate shifts spinning us into fearful divided unnecessary and preventable chaos and health crises. Yes, the madness, dramas, and traumas will slow down, however, probably not until after November’s presidential elections. In the meantime, we can breathe together and focus on the goodness instead of being focused on known untruths, lies, and fears of gloom and doom, which we are being fed.
For example, let’s celebrate the amazing happenings. Congratulations, Minnesota State University (MSU) Women and Men Basketball Championship Division 2 titles! Both teams won after overcoming serious obstacles and overwhelming odds. Mankato and MSU did Minnesota proud! 
There were other great happenings last month moving into the month of angels, blooming flowers, and hopefulness that things are and will continue to improve. Improve, not be perfect. It has never been perfect and it never will be. As I watched reruns of Easter movies I’m always amazed, particularly at how people throughout history lose their faith then regain it in good times and quickly lose it again during not so good or dark times. We are having one of those not good times now. I encourage us to keep the faith and keep hope alive. It is darkest before dawn; and, morning is coming. Believe and focus on the positive and not on the fear. And, be and share the good changes you want to see and live for yourself and for our children and generations to come.
With that said, I invited my brother from parents of different faiths to share some heavy words that we need to hear as we continue to struggle with what to do about inhumane images of suffering and dying babies and destructive genocide of a Nation of People and of the human right of a Nation of People to feel safe from harm and terrorist attacks. Again, it’s amazing that we can rescue animals and protect corporation’s equipment and machines, B.U.T (Behold the Underlying Truth), we will not stop to rescue and save humans on both sides. Instead, U.S.A. continues to send weapons of mass destruction based on outdated and apartheid deals. This is truly madness when we witness shameful acts that we were told never, never to forget so it would not happen again to any people!
Now, a Tough Love message from Brother Art Serotoff:
The carnage on human bodies is nightmarish. The devastation of buildings and infrastructure is complete and appalling. We are witnesses to horrific events in Palestine/Israel. I am searching for ways to comprehend this and solutions that save lives.
To comprehend, I looked to our own past in the U.S.A. It seems that we have experienced events with similar root causes: the uprising after George Floyd was murdered, the Dakota War, Nat Turner’s Rebellion, the many uprisings after Dr. King was assassinated, the Rodney King protests, Ferguson, etc., etc. People committed violent acts because they were desperate, had lost hope and had no place else to go.  I believe this situation is magnified manyfold in Gaza.
I am Jewish. My family strongly supported Israel. They taught me Jewish values of justice and protecting humanity. I strongly believe that the State of Israel has lost sight of these values. For me, it is not condoned by our values to blockade over 2 million people. It is not condoned to be the gatekeeper of their electricity, food, medical supplies and ability to move about. It is certainly not condoned to occupy their land, destroy their homes and capriciously detain and incarcerate family members. The values I learned condemn restricting food, medicine and fuel essential for survival.
This must stop.  
The solution is not more weapons, more force, more destruction. More Israeli oppression attempts to put a lid on boiling over resentment. This is not a solution. It is clearly temporary, and it cannot work. Israel can “destroy Hamas.” It can only create more terrorists. 
As a staunch supporter of Israel and provider of 20% of Israel’s miliary budget as well as weapons, we, in the U.S.A., are complicit. 
In following the Jewish values that I learned, I believe the USA must act differently. Move away from increasing oppression and violent carnage and toward respecting everyone’s humanity. To this end we need:
• U.S. support for the UN as it calls for an immediate ceasefire.
• Open routes of access for humanitarian supplies to Gaza.
• Setup of safe zones for civilians in Gaza.
• Resuming access to water and electricity as well as fuel for medical facilities in the Gaza Strip.
• Demanding real accountability for violations of human rights and international law.
• Real moves to end the occupation and apartheid system, and
• Real moves to demand equality for all living under Israeli control.
Thank you, Art for sharing from your Jewish perspective. 
I have hope that the seeds of Divine Grace and Human Love will grow in us this spring and summer and things will start improving and that the Arc of Justice will leap forward under, over, and through our economic obstacles, border difficulties, and political divisions. We are all the chosen ones to make a positive difference together. Happy spring and keep hope alive within yourself!
May Peace Be In the Rondo, Frogtown, Hamline/Midway, Como, and Surrounding Communities... May Peace Be In Our Homes & Communities… May Peace Prevail On Earth (MPPOE)!


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