Peace bubbles

A lovely justice day at 6 feet apart

Melvin Giles
These lyrics were jointly written by Megan P, Deon H. and Melvin G. The song is a tribute to Bill Withers.

When I wake up in the morning light

I think about my day.

Two pandemics on my mind,

I start to lose my way!

Particularly, at 6 Ft. Apart Away

Then I try to think

Of all the things I’m grateful for:

Sun is shining bright,

My garden’s right out my door…

And, I start my day! It’s gonna be

A lovely day (repeat)

When the day that lies ahead of me

Seems impossible to face

When someone else instead of me

Always seems to know the way

Even at 6 Ft. Apart Away

Then I look at you

And, the world’s alright with me

Even when it’s tough-out..

We can hold each other up

On this lovely day

A lovely day (repeat)

A cry for change is blasting now!

George Floyd’s death is at the core.

Six feet apart seems trivial,

But covid’s too big to ignore.

We all have to do our part

Then I start to think…

How do we navigate this fray?

Open up our hearts & listen to understand!

Do not look away!

It’s still a lovely Day

A lovely day (repeat)

The time is NOW to make big Change,

It’s long overdue!

It’s like defying Gravity –

We need to push through!

Even at 6 Ft. Apart Away

The need is to Unite

Together in Minds and Hearts

We need to wear our masks,

At 6 feet apart

Yes, this is the WAY to…

A lovely day (repeat)

When this hate seems like a guarantee

It’s hard to catch a breath

We must now remove that knee

We need to take a stand together

Yes, even at 6 Ft. Apart together

More are waking up

Black Lives Matter, can’t you see

We’ll demand and claim

A world where all can see


A lovely day (repeat)

View a video of new lyrics on the Urban Farm & Garden Alliance (UFGA) site on July 21.

View a video of original song at {LOVELY DAY Bill Withers (instrumental with text)}.


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